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Services to improve your organisation.

Supernova provides a range of services to help your organisation with its IT and HR needs. Since we are a boutique provider we can combine these services in a myriad of ways to meet your specific needs. We don't come in with the cookie-cutter approach you'll find with larger service providers.

Our focus on strategy, analysis, design and management services means that our services are aimed at answering at least one of the three fundamental questions set out below. Time and time again we see our clients coming to us for help in these three areas. Although each engagement is unique, there are almost always underlying attempts to clarify the following:

Team Task

Where are we now?

  • What is the current situation?

  • What problems are we seeking to solve?


What should we do?

  • How can we best respond?

  • Who is going to benefit?

Wall of ideas

How do we get there?

  • Where do we want to be and what needs to change for us to get there?

  • How do we make those changes?

By combining our services and tools in different ways, we help illuminate the answers to these questions, and provide our clients with the certainty they need to make smart people and technology decisions.


Our focus on a specific range of high-quality services, coupled with our decades of industry experience mean that Supernova takes an outcome-based approach to our work. This means that you have up-front certainty of the time and cost of a Supernova engagement. We wear the risk in the unlikely event of complications, and you can be confident that you'll get the outcomes you're seeking.

Just some of our tools and techniques.
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