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Application Portfolio Assessment

Deciding where to invest a dwindling pool of funding across a growing portfolio of information systems isn't easy. Most organisations don't have a clear view on the condition of their information system assets, leading to investment decisions that are often misaligned to the needs of the organisation.

The Application Portfolio Assessment helps CIOs, CTOs, IT Managers and Product Owners make better use of scarce funding. It provides a foundation to help you make informed decisions about where to allocate investment across your application portfolio.


We use the Gartner® TIME Framework as a basis for the assessment to look at both the technical quality and the business value of your application portfolio. The results are provided in a standalone report suitable for executive decision-makers.


We will also provide Open Group® ArchiMate models of your information systems to your technical teams to support future planning and design activity.


Coming soon...

Watch this space, more services are coming!


Coming soon...

Watch this space, more services are coming!

We take the uncertainty out of information system change

 Supernova provides a range of services to help guide you through the complex process of information system change, ultimately putting the right tools in the hands of your people so they can work more effectively and efficiently.
Supernova is equipped to handle the diverse needs of your organisation, and provide structure and insight to help our clients make effective technology investment decisions. Our decades of experience across technology and business domains means that clients can be assured that the advice we give is based on real-world experience of what will work for them. We don't push cookie-cutter solutions that originate from offshore consultancy practices because they rarely account for the cultural, economic or demographic characteristics of the New Zealand environment. 
As a boutique provider we can combine our services in different ways to meet the specific needs of each engagement.
If desired, Supernova can take an outcome-based approach to our work. This means that you have up-front certainty of the time and cost of an engagement. We wear the risk in the unlikely event of complications, and you can be confident that you'll get the outcomes you're seeking.


We support our clients through all stages of the information system investment journey


Planning. We help our clients to identify the key goals and objectives of information system investment, and align them with the needs of the wider organisation. 


Analysis. We help our clients create a shared view of the challenges and opportunities associated with the current information system environment, and how they impact the organisation.


Design. We help our clients shape the nature of information system changes so that they support the desired investment goals and objectives. This includes how they will introduce the changes to their organisation.


Funding and Procurement. We help our clients secure funding for information system investment, and the procurement of associated products and services.


Delivery. We stand beside our clients as changes to the information system environment are made and help keep suppliers aligned to the desired goals and objectives.

Our services help answer the three key questions that support effective information systems change

Where are we now?

  • Document audit and review.

  • Stakeholder engagement workshops.

  • Problem analysis and identification.

  • Process maturity and impact assessment.

  • Current state architecture review.

  • Application portfolio assessment.

What should we do?

  • Defining outcomes and goals.

  • Business capability mapping.

  • Benefits and requirements identification.

  • Defining business personas and scenarios.

  • Identifying change and improvement themes.


  • Process improvement guidance.


  • Architecture vision development.\


  • Target state architecture definition.


  • Multi-criteria options analysis.


  • Technology landscape assessments. 

How do we get there?

  • Priortised roadmap development and dependency identification.

  • Work package and deliverable definitions.

  • Business case support and review.

  • Procurement support including development of artifacts and assessment criteria.


  • Ongoing guidance and support throughout delivery.

  • Project governance support.

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