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Since 2018 Supernova has been helping clients in Wellington and beyond with their IT and HR needs. We take pride in building strong, positive, long-term relationships with our clients. It's upon this foundation that we provide a range of specialist services. We aren't trying to be the biggest provider in town, but we do our damnedest to be the best, and provide those we are working with an enjoyable and straightforward experience.


We collaborate with experienced associates to provide our clients with the range of care and expertise that are required of many engagements. Our associates work closely with our directors to make sure that the quality and experience of a Supernova engagement is delivered each and every time. Our associates come from diverse backgrounds with extensive experience in a range of settings, but each hold the same people-centric view on ensuring that our clients have a respectful and trusted advisor in their corner.


Unlike the "gig economy" which is often characterised as coercive, restrictive and exploitative, the Supernova associate model is inherently collaborative and offers our associates interesting work, flexibility, and the chance to join great teams.

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