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We are your information systems improvement specialists

Supernova Services is a boutique Information Technology services provider based in Wellington, New Zealand. Our specialty is supporting the planning, design and delivery of information systems for the public sector.


Supernova prides itself on hands-on, professional, and collaborative engagements that get to the heart of today's IT problems and chart a course for better ways of working. We value the close relationships we have with our clients, and strive to uphold our high levels of service, professionalism, and quality each and every time.

We are tiny, but mighty. Our small size gives us the flexibility to work in the way that fits best for our clients. We can change direction quickly and deliver high-value services in a far more cost-effective fashion than consultancies at the top end of town.

Supernova Services is a member of the All of Government Panel for Consultancy Services and the All of Government Marketplace.

We provide services across three primary areas

Strategy and Planning

Supernova works with you and your teams to align your technology goals with the needs of the wider organisation.

We develop roadmaps that help shape the nature, pace and sequence of change to make change quick and effective.

Analysis and Design

Supernova provides you with expert, objective assessments of your technology, business and staffing environments.

We help redesign your business policies and processes, and we architect improvements to your technology environment. 

Procurement and Delivery

Supernova helps to assess and select the systems and suppliers that are most closely aligned to how you want to work.

We stand alongside you during delivery to ensure that suppliers and solutions are aligned with what you are seeking to achieve.

We focus our work across three business domains

Government Regulation

Supernova is experienced in analysis, design and delivery of information systems that support government regulation.

We understand the end-to-end regulatory process from licensing through to compliance, monitoring and enforcement.


Supernova has supported clients in the healthcare industry since its inception, from hospitals through to public health services.

We bring clients our in-depth knowledge of the information system landscape, standards, and long-term direction of digital health in the New Zealand environment.

Human Resources

Supernova has real-world expertise in human resource management, including supporting policy development and effective staff management.

We have extensive experience supporting HR operations and managing improvements to HR information systems.

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